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The Independent Aunties

The Independent Aunties

The Independent Aunties:
Anna Chatterton, Evalyn Parry and Karin Randoja

The Aunties are currently  in Residence at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre developing our new show about 20th century literary / icons Gertrude Stein and  Alice B Toklas; working title “Gertrude & Alice”.

Anna plays Alice, Evalyn plays Gertrude, and Karin is the director.
Helen Yung is the production designer, Soraya Peerbaye is our dramaturge, and in our December 2013 workshop showing at Buddies, Randi Helmers played Helene, Gertrude and Alice’s maid.

The next phase of development will been shown later in 2014…stay tuned!



Independent Auntie is a Toronto-based theatre company founded by evalyn parry, Anna Chatterton and Karin Randoja. Much of our work delves into women’s societal roles, constraints and obsessions, both historically and contemporarily.  We strive to create theatre that is playful, witty, physically stylish and wildly imaginative; surprising, highly entertaining theatre, with equal interplay between word and movement, social critique and cultural satire.  We are wordsmiths, with a penchant for satire and outrageous humour. We have written plays entirely in rhyme, turned metaphors into a literal reality on stage and are always looking at the underbelly, the flip-side and the large possibilities inherent in the suspension of disbelief in the theatre.

Over our ten years together as a company, we have created five highly acclaimed, original performances: Clean Irene & Dirty Maxine; Frances, Mathilda and Tea; The Mysterious Shorts;  Robbers’ Daughters and Breakfast. The first three were conceived by the company (Anna Chatterton, Evalyn Parry and Karin Randoja), directed by Karin Randoja and written and performed by Anna Chatterton and Evalyn Parry. Robbers Daughters and Breakfast were dramaturged and directed by Brendan Healy and introduced new collaborators to the company.

All new Independent Aunties website coming soon!

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