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To Live in the Age of Melting – a film

Part One – Northwest Passage

My polar project has been moving toward completion at a glacial pace… but the final results of a long slow process are drawing nearer… stay tuned!

A film

To Live in the Age of Melting is a new collaboration from performance innovator and musician evalyn parry and visual/projections artist Elysha Poirier.   Riding the wave of two iconic folk songs, Northwest Passage by Canadian folk legend Stan Rogers, and Lady Franklin’s Lament, the film embarks on an evocative visual and sonic journey that travels from Franklin’s doomed 19th century expedition to contemporary Arctic Sovereignty; from climate change to the human nervous system, along the way probing the nature of colonial legacy, tradition, and what happens when old, frozen parts of the world we know – and parts of ourselves – begin to melt.

More about the film

A film by Evalyn Parry and Elysha Poirier, coming this winter.

3 comments on “To Live in the Age of Melting – a film”

  1. evalyn says:

    Hey Tena, thanks for writing, and for your words about the Age of Melting performance in Huntsville last summer; I will definitely let you know as soon as the film is ready for view / purchase – it will be at least another month, but shortly I will be releasing the audio recording; I’ll keep you posted! So happy to know it would fit in with your curriculum, that’s awesome.

  2. Tena Laing says:

    Hi Evalyn,
    Would love to know when your film is available. I saw the incredible performance you gave in Huntsville, 2013. This would make the perfect closure for a unit I am planning to close the school year with (Frankenstein, War of 1812, Arctic Exploration/Imperial-Colonial power…)
    Please let me know if there is a version available for purchase.
    Tena Laing

  3. ch cole says:

    ah HA!!…..I am also the coordinator/founder of our Wellfleet Peace Drum Film Circle that has been showing important film-age/videography since 2004 ….Community Film Watching… email….works….when your FILM is available I would love to be notified….thanks… Cole

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