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Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

Evalyn is the artistic director at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, the world’s largest and longest running queer theatre company located in downtown Toronto.   Evalyn took up this mantle in September 2015, and is honoured to follow in the linage of previous artistic directors Sky Gilbert (founder, 1979), Sarah Garton Stanley, David Oiye and Brendan Healy.

Previous to her new appointment as artistic director, Evalyn was the director of the Young Creators Unit (now the Emerging Creators Unit) at Buddies, where between 2007 and 2015 she mentored young queer artists through the process of creating a one-person show, presented annually at the Rhubarb Festival. From 2005 to 2011, evalyn also created and ran the PrideCab program, and started QueerCab, Buddies’ monthly youth open mic which has been running continuously since 2005.  She is proud to have helped bring to the stage more than 40 new works by young queer artists; graduates of both programs have gone on to create mainstage work at Buddies, and to other stages in Toronto and around the country.