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  • Caroline

    all looks so interesting and FUN for you and the students! And DID you wear a tie to the President's dinner?

  • evalyn

    Hey Tena, thanks for writing, and for your words about the Age of Melting performance in Huntsville last summer; I will definitely let you know as soon as the film is ready for view / purchase - it will be at least another month, but shortly I will be releasing the audio recording; I'll keep you posted! So happy to know it would fit in with your curriculum, that's awesome.

  • Tena Laing

    Hi Evalyn, Would love to know when your film is available. I saw the incredible performance you gave in Huntsville, 2013. This would make the perfect closure for a unit I am planning to close the school year with (Frankenstein, War of 1812, Arctic Exploration/Imperial-Colonial power...) Please let me know if there is a version available for purchase. Tena Laing

  • Caroline

    fabulous news, dear one!



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The Homo Solo, @QueerActs Halifax


  I’m writing from lovely Halifax, Nova Scotia.  I’m in town for the annual QueerActs Festival, which partners with Halifax Pride to bring notable local and national queer theatre artists to the stage at Bus Stop Theatre this weekend.  I’ve been to this festival three times now.  It’s awesome. This weekend, I’m here with a [...]

SummerWorks: To Live in the Age of Melting: The Idea of North 2.0

poster square

  So I’m hard at work finishing the film “To Live in the Age of Melting, part I: Northwest Passage” (thanks to the generous donations to the Indigogo crowd funding campaign!)  Meanwhile, coming up this August at the SummerWorks festival, I begin part II…  here’s what it’s all about: The Idea of North 2.0 “Something [...]


paper iceberg

Wow, friends and fans, the Indigogo campaign for The Age of Melting film met our goal in a record ONE WEEK!   I am one lucky artist, with an incredible community. Thank you, thank you for your support.    And now, every donation (they are still rolling in !!) is helping us not only to [...]

Age of Melting Film Indigogo campaign

iceberg ev.small

This morning, I have launched a fundraising campaign to help finish my first short film, To Live in the Age Of Melting: Northwest Passage, which i am making with Elysha Poirier.    We have 45 days to raise the funds needed to FINISH this project! We need your help, and we couldn’t be more excited [...]

SPIN returns to Buddies 2014/15 season

SPIN 2014

Buddies has finally made their season announcement, and I’m thrilled to finally make it public:  SPIN will be back in Toronto for a limited-engagement, one week run at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Nov 17-23 2014, in the mainspace!  We couldn’t be more excited to return to the place we premiered the show in 2011. [...]

This week at Haverford

So it’s my last week here at Haverford College as Friend in Residence. I have had a pretty amazing two weeks so far; check here for what I’ll be doing and where I’ll be in the coming week.

What the F*** is Feminism?!

we can do it

One highlight (of many) for me during my Residency at Haverford so far has been leading a workshop for the Haverford Womens Center this past weekend, on the topic  ”What the F** is Feminism”.  Charged with addressing this – ahem – large topic in a two hour workshop, I was excited and a bit overwhelmed [...]

Haverford College Residency

I’ve been invited to Haverford College in Pennsylvania, to be Friend and Artist in Residence for three weeks (March 16-April 6) at this wonderful Quaker college.  I’ll be performing, doing some class visits, offering workshops, meeting with student groups and generally making myself available to students and faculty for the duration of my stay; very excited [...]

Thanks, Ontario Arts Council!

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A shout-out of great thanks (and joy!) to the Ontario Arts Council for continuing to support SPIN as it we (continue to) tour.  The March tour in Alberta, and our April visit state-side will be made possible in part by the OAC’s National and International Touring Program.   I feel very fortunate to live in [...]

To Live in the Age of Melting

a film by evalyn parry and Elysha Poirier

my polar project has been moving toward completion at a glacial pace…but the final results of a long slow process are drawing nearer..stay tuned