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  • evalyn

    Hey there! i have finally figured out how to get this page working, so you should now be able to order on-line (thru paypal) here. Thanks, evalyn

  • Debra Alexander

    Hi Evalyn, I saw SPIN on Sunday, I was completely transported for the duration of the show. It was wonderfully educational and moving, and I'm so glad I got to see it. As a life-long bike enthusiast and songwriter trying to make a living with my art, I could relate on so many levels. Fantastic job! I do hope we run into each other out and about...don't know if you remember the time I met you when Karyn Ellis was in town...maybe an occasion will soon arise. I had this fleeting vision of being able to know you when you're about 96 and reminiscing about the days when you put on SPIN. Ha! Who knows what the world will be like then. All The Best, Debra

  • Steven Bush

    Dear Evalyn: I was lucky enough to be in the audience for your show this afternoon. (Sat. Nov. 22nd) What great work! I walked into the theatre feeling heavy-hearted and left feeling inspired and lightened. "Spin" is a precious gift in this era of so much darkness. Thank you. I have the CD and look forward to the version with that superb string trio. All the best getting that moving! Thanks again, and much love ... Steven

  • Doug Robertson

    Hi Evalyn, Was driving home from a Christmas sale tonite Nov 22 2014 and caught, sadly, only a scant few minutes of your interview on CBC radio about SPIN. Googled you and found your website. Fascinating idea. Never knew there was a woman or a man who cycled around the world. Figures there would be a male challenge for dominance in the cycling prowess. I love bikes. I am a member of the Canadian ski patrol and cycled lots as first aid responder this summer; Ride to Conquer Cancer, Becel Ride for Heart, Toronto Marathon etc. I love my bikes; road and mountain. I also love pottery, and have put bikes into pottery; cups, bowls, tea lights...mountain, road and even Penny Farthing. Did Annie ride a Penny Farthing? So I felt a connection and interest in you and your show. Perhaps you'd like a bike in pottery. Perhaps I could make something for you to promote your show. Heck, I even used to write and direct musical theater and ran my own advertising jingle house. So Annie advertised on her bike and clothing? Inventive. And new mayor and biking?……let us see what he does. For pictures of my pottery; www.dougrobertsonpottery.com Hope to hear from you, Sincerely, Doug



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SPIN in Philly Jan 24 & 25

SPIN poster

We are heading to Philadelphia next week for a short weekend run of SPIN for family audiences (a slightly shorter version of the show) at the Painted Bride Theatre.  Excited to return to Philadelphia, a city with lots of personal family history (and great cousins) in it.  Aside from performing and visiting my fan, while [...]

a note if you just bought the SPIN CD

We are having a tremendously fun and awesome run at Buddies this week. Here’s a nice review from Mooney On Theatre.. So if you bought an album at the show, and you are wondering, “where are the new songs from the second half of the show to be found?”  i just wanted to let you [...]

SPIN returns to Toronto


After 3 years of touring the continent, SPIN returns to Toronto for a one-week engagement at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, it’s true!   Nov 19-24, 2014.  On the main stage at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. People of Toronto!  If you missed the show last time, now is your chance.  But even if you saw [...]

Recording Release

To Live in the Age of Melting: Northwest Passage

In the spirit of long-lost ships discovered,  OutSpoke Productions is proud to announcing the digital release of evalyn parry’s To Live in the Age of Melting: Northwest Passage.  You can download the 20 minute track from Bandcamp, starting now! A re-consideration of the meaning of the Franklin expedition for today’s changing climate.


Pedego logo

      As we pack our bike and our bags to take SPIN on tour around some smaller communities in British Columbia (Gabriola Island! Courtney! Duncan! Vernon! Nelson!), a shout out to the Canada Council for the Arts, who have supported this tour. There is not a day that goes by in my artist-life [...]

Franklin’s ship…Dear Stephen Harper


Dear Prime Minister Harper, I am all for solving long-lost mysteries and discovering things at the bottom of the ocean. Since having had the chance to travel in the Arctic myself, for the past few years I have been following with interest – and skepticism – your quest to find the Franklin ships.  I saw [...]

SPIN: from City Hall to the West Coast and back…

SPIN 2014

SPIN is oiling up its chain and tuning up its wheels to hit the road, heading out to the west coast, Sept 19-26.  We play on Gabriola Island (Sept 19th), Courtney (20th) and Duncan (22nd) on Vancouver Island, and Vernon (24th) and Nelson  (26th) in the BC interior. But first, we kick off a big [...]

NOW Magazine

evalyn on the cover of NOW

Thanks NOW Magazine, for featuring me on the August 6th issue!  It’s an honour (and kind of weird…and kind of fun) to be the face of the city for a week, seeing my own face staring at me from every news stand. Special thanks to Glenn Sumi for the great article.

The Idea of North 2.0 at SummerWorks


 To Live in the Age of Melting: The Idea of North 2. 0 A LiveArt presentation at SummerWorks 2014 By evalyn parry and Elysha Poirier, with special guests Installation: Aug 11-17, 5 to 8 pm daily Performance: Aug 15,16 & 17, 9 pm What does “North” mean to you, Toronto? And what does Iqaluit have [...]



I have two shows in this year’s SummerWorks festival:  To Live in the Age of Melting: the Idea of North 2.0 (a LiveArt Installation and performance by myself and Elysha Poirier) and, a new play, Graceful Rebellions by Shaista Latif, which i have directed and helped to create. The festival opens tomorrow and thus, I [...]