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A new job

So the news is out:  it was officially announced yesterday.  Starting this September, I am going to be the new artistic director of Buddies in Bad Times Theatre in Toronto, Canada’s oldest and longest running queer theatre company.   I couldn’t be more excited. It’s a huge honour, a big new step in my career, […]

A postcard from Churchill MB


Greetings from Churchill Manitoba! Elysha Poirier and I took the 40 hour train ride from Winnipeg to Churchill earlier this week – since there’s no road in, you can either take the train or fly – and now we’re hanging out here in this town where the railway ends.  The polar bear capital of Canada. Played […]

The Muskeg Express…to Churchill MB

Next week, Elysha Poirier and I are heading to Churchill Manitoba….40 hours by train from Winnipeg on the Muskeg Express. We are going on a research adventure, to continue the conversation we began last year at SummerWorks: we call it “The Idea of North 2.0“. Riffing off Glenn Gould’s 1967 radio doc ‘The Idea of North’ […]

To Live in the Age of Melting, in development at Theatre Passe Muraille

Blank Map of Canada

Pleased to announce that my project, To Live in the Age of Melting, will have another phase of development (with a public showing) at Theatre Passe Muraille in December 2015. Horray! Thanks TPM for welcoming us into your hallowed halls. In advance of the creative development period in December, this June my collaborator Elysha Poirier […]

Gertrude and Alice: Buddies 2016

Gertrude and Alice

  Delighted to announce that the Independent Aunties’ production of Gertrude and Alice will be presented as part of Buddies in Bad Times 2015/16 Season:  March 5-27, 2016. Visiting the audience in the present day, Gertrude and Alice come to find out how history has treated them. The couple recounts stories of their 40-year relationship, […]

Graceful Rebellions

Graceful Rebellions, by Shaista Latif, directed by evalyn parry

This show (which I directed at last year’s SummerWorks Festival in Toronto) plays as part of the National Art Centre’s ONTARIO SCENE festival this week, two more shows! Great opening last night, happy to be part of this amazing splendour of Ontario talent at the festival…. This show is yet another work that originated as part of […]

For the Love of CBC

evalyn with Colonel Chris Hadfield

This past Monday, I had the pleasure of performing as part of a big show at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa in support of CBC Radio / Radio Canada.    At the very last minute, I was asked to step in to replace the anglophone co-host for the event, Candy Palmater, who fell ill […]

Obaaberima in Ottawa and Vancouver

photo of Tawiah M'Carthy by Jeremy Mimnagh

It is a joy to be back in the rehearsal hall this week directing Obaaberima, the play written and performed by Tawiah M’Carthy, with musician Kobena Aquaa Harrison.   I love this show very much, and I could not be more excited that this Buddies in Bad Times production is getting a chance to go on […]

Ottawa at Undercurrents

Hey Ottawa, we have two more shows – tonight (Feb 19) at 7 pm and tomorrow (Feb 20th) at 9 pm.  We are having a great time at Undercurrents Festival, excited to see more shows in the next 24 hours!    it is SO COLD in Ottawa and we soft Torontonians are feeling it in […]

Valentines is also World Organ Donation Day


Feb 14 is not just Valentines Day, it’s also World Organ Donor Day.A very dear friend of mine is waiting for a kidney transplant.  We went to theatre school together.  She is an incredible human being, and incredible artist, and she’s on dialysis again at the moment, as she waits  – along with 4500 other Canadians […]