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Bottle this!

Bottle This! Just hold on before we go any farther – I want to take a moment to talk about water. That liquid that you’re holding, that bottle in your hand, you thought it was water you were drinking, not a corporate brand. You thought it was cleaner and safer, and better for your health, [...]

Open letter to Pope Jean Paul II

upon his visit to Toronto in 2002 for World Youth Day Dear Pope I hope you enjoyed your stay in Toronto for World Youth Day and for the pleasure of your company, the city paid 7 million dollars, but hey! That’s okay! ‘Cause he’s the Pope, Pope, Pope, Pope, Pope! Yeah we pulled out all [...]

Make & Break Harbour

At the Stan Rogers Tribute last night, I sang Stan’s beautiful song “Make and Break Harbour”, also featuring my own little addition, sort of a contemporary “update” to the issues the song (written in 1976) so poignantly addresses.  Here are the words to my new section, as requested by several audience members…   37 years [...]

The Gay Rover

I’m a rover, seldom sober I’m a young lass, gay and free I’m always single when I’m drinking Never a man will marry me! “Oh my young lass, fair and pretty, I’ve been watching you,” said he “Gold and silver and riches a-plenty will be yours if you’ll marry me!” “Oh young man, I thank [...]

Once in a blue moon

Once in a Blue Moon: Minneapolis, Minnesota. With my book and my pen and behind the counter a girl with blue hair serves the java and Ani Difranco provides the backdrop of yet another alternative coffee shop just like the one I worked at way back when we had her first album then the one [...]

To Live in the Age of Melting: Northwest Passage

“Oh for just one time, I would take the Northwest Passage To find the hand of Franklin, reaching for the Beaufort Sea Tracing one warm line, through a land so wide and savage To make a Northwest Passage to the sea”i. Vagus There is a remarkable nerve that travels through the human body, Called the [...]

The Anne in my mind

This piece was written for a CBC songwriting event at Hugh’s Room in Toronto, 2005, as a response to the theme “My Favorite Book”. I’m afraid my choice is not very original I searched my bookshelf, trying to be intellectual obscure, unique, a book that no one else would find, I searched my heart and [...]

My Swedish roommates

My tribute to everyone’s favorite DIY, Scandanavian furniture empire… hear it on Small Theatres, Ivar and Sten, Ivar and Sten: I feel like I’m living with big Swedish men in my bedroom and bathroom and kitchen and den: my burly companions, Ivar and Sten. Klinga and Omar, Duktig and Benn, My home is so organized [...]


Let me introduce myself, my name is Always; I like to think I’m a girl’s best friend… I fit into your purse by folding myself small-ways; I know I’m just the means to an end! oh the end is clean, the end is out of sight. the end still smells fresh at the end of [...]

Love in the greater Toronto area takes public transportation

i. The Yonge/University Line We begin our journey at Mount Pleasant and Eglinton: walking from school to the subway station me and my grade ten crush, circa 1987 he was in grade 11 and his name was Mason. As we walk and we talk I feel my words start to flutter like my language is [...]