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To Live in the Age of Melting: Northwest Passage

“Oh for just one time, I would take the Northwest Passage To find the hand of Franklin, reaching for the Beaufort Sea Tracing one warm line, through a land so wide and savage To make a Northwest Passage to the sea”i. Vagus There is a remarkable nerve that travels through the human body, Called the […]

Make & Break Harbour

At the Stan Rogers Tribute last night, I sang Stan’s beautiful song “Make and Break Harbour”, also featuring my own little addition, sort of a contemporary “update” to the issues the song (written in 1976) so poignantly addresses.  Here are the words to my new section, as requested by several audience members…   37 years […]

A Letter From Annie Londonderry’s Granddaughter

Dear Evalyn Parry, My grandmother was Annie Londonderry My cousin Peter sent me your CD. I have just finished listening to your ballad about Annie, And I want to tell you what it did for me.   I had a loving relationship with my grandmother. She died when I was sixteen.  But unfortunately for her […]

Would you want to be a girl in 1895?

  Would you want to be a girl in 1895? Would you want to be a girl, would you want to be a lady? Well keep in mind your rights and freedoms, baby! Travel back in time, let’s travel back in time. In hopes of being helpful, we have made a little list Of some […]

Oh Come On Come On

She thinks she wants change, but will it take a disaster before everything will move a little faster She wants to feel the difference, she wants to hold it in her hand Something hard enough to feel an impact when it lands   Oh come on, come on   In her dreams she’s in a […]

Open Letter to Igor Kenk, Bicycle Thief

Dear Mr. Bicycle Thief: I’m writing to you with the belief That you are the one who stole my bike five years ago And if this letter seems somewhat delayed, it’s only since they came and took you away That I understood what I had to say, so now I’m writing to you I went […]

World of Spin

Spin spin spin   spin spin spin Spin spin spin   spin spin spin   it’s easy to get dizzy in a world full of spin,  when you try to keep your eyes wide open trying to see through all the stuff there is to buy into, Trying to cultivate a thicker skin, impermeable to […]

Names of the Chains

Look at us, all locked up: we are all in a row! Look at us all shopped up: we are in the mall, uh oh! I’ll take another, take a t-shirt or a sweater and so? So what if these are not our own names emblazoned on our own breast, no:   They are the […]

Amelia Bloomer Sings for Fashion Reform

  Listen ladies, you’ve got me to thank for Letting you show a little more of your leg, your legs! I’m not talking about your shorty-shorts, your hot pants, leggings or your skinny jeans Not even in my dreams In my day, a woman couldn’t show her ankles Not even the legs of a table […]

Quaker Flavour

This lighthearted musing on Quaker identity was written for a Friends General Gathering Plenary session, in Tacoma Washington, 2006.   Friends, we are divided by many things: Geography; Theology; what songs we like to sing. But there is a simple question that I think unites us in the end: a question we’ve all be asked, […]