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Speaking of Evalyn

praise for SPIN

“Spectacular” NOW Magazine

“SPIN is polished folk performance art…the lyrics are potently lean and the arrangements, including Parry and Hart’s harmonies, are sensuously textured” Georgia Straight, Vancouver

“Inspiring and illuminating, SPIN is worth a ride regardless of your cycling credentials.” CVV Magazine, Victoria

“Part theatre, part musical gig, part spoken-word poetry and part documentary… whatever it is, it is brilliant.” Toronto Star

“A breath of fresh air.”  The Globe & Mail

“Part spoken word performance, part rock concert, part political manifesto…completely awesome.” Mooney on Theatre, Toronto

“The depth Parry gives to the concept of the bicycle through her script is quite staggering.”  Torontoist blog

in print

“equally funny and dangerous… this is a songwriter who takes us into uncharted waters” CBC Radio

“…Parry breathes new life into the folk tradition with her politics, passion and poetry” Penguin Eggs, Canada’s Folk, Roots and World Music Magazine

“Parry redefines political folk music…keeps you in rapt attention” Halifax Daily News

“Parry weaves a profound lyrical tapestry through each song…tackles socio-political issues with humour and intelligence” Nanaimo News, BC

“She cleverly dances the line between bottled rage…and sweet hilarity” Xtra Magazine, Toronto

“Politically informed folk-pop poetry with a wicked sense of humour” NOW Magazine

“…inventive instrumentation and imaginative arrangements enhance the theatrical spark of Parry’s verbal wit, as she builds a complex series of vignettes occupied not just by her own thoughts and preoccupations but also by lively characters, apparently the remnants of real-life encounters, acting out their own perplexing parts. Adventurous stuff.” Greg Quill, The Toronto Star

“Parry, gifted with a sharp pen, goes into the attack with wit and refined humour…without using fist- clenching slogans, because she’s always saying it with the right innuendo. Strong lyrics…she just tells it like it is” MazzMusicias, Belgium

“…Parry’s personal and political writing stands outside anyone’s shadow” EYE Magazine

“Parry is a wordsmith in the true sense of the word and the melody is the tapestry to which she stitches her craft: beautifully done.” Victory Review, Washington

“Just when we think we’ve heard all there is to hear on love or the human condition, Parry comes along to prove that original thought lives, that we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of examining both the ills of the world and its joys. Strong words? Perhaps. But no stronger than the spoken phrases Parry delivers, than the lyrics she writes.” Between the Lines, Michigan

“Blessed with a clear, nimble voice, Parry imbues her work with sharp imagery, a flair for storytelling and humorous social commentary” The Ottawa Citizen

“It’s Parry’s unique way of examining the collective emotions of the world with such a charmingly dry wit that makes her stand out, and makes her bitterness so pleasing to the palate and easy to digest.” Between the Lines, Michigan

“Evalyn captures the human experience with relevance, intensity and wit.” Beth Ferguson Award

“Parry’s theatrical approach to song writing and her clear vocals are a joy to listen to. The only warning needed here is: this music is infectious!” CBC Radio