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Download your very own Evalyn Parry Toujours wallpaper and put an end to those monthly computer woes! Designer Dana went a little crazy listening to “Always” and she scanned “Dryweave”. Check it out… now you can choose from one of three fashionable styles to suit your personality and then follow the simple directions below to install.

Choose from Original, Vegetarian or Genetically Modified

Windows : right-click the image and select Set Wallpaper; you can set it to Tile.

Mac OS X : right-click the image and Save Image As, saving it to your location of choice. Open System Preferences, Desktop & ScreenSaver, locate the saved image and choose Tile.

A few cool


Musical muses

  • Anne Lindsay
    Plays the violin like a house on fire.
  • Brad Hart
    he plays the bike in SPIN, he’s got his own one man show called OH GOD-THE DRUMS, he’s funny and clever and can sing like an angel.
  • Claire Jenkins
    Not your usual sailor. Sets things on fire.
  • Corin Raymond
    Writer of very good songs. Delivers like a preacher man.
  • David Celia
    Marvellous. Funny videos, too.
  • Don Kerr
    fine musician and producer of music, including my CD, SPIN
  • Iner Souster
    builder of awesome and weird instruments. We feature two of them in SPIN!
  • Jenn Gillmor
    An imaginative musical and visual artist who I love to play with.
  • John Millard
    one of my favourite songwriters ever
  • John Switzer
    A producer of very very fine music.
  • Kate Reid
    my touring mate – hilarious, out, proud and provocative
  • Ken Whiteley
    He has more music in his little finger than most people have in their whole record collection.
  • Suzie Vinnick
    I love to sing with this songbird (and rockin bassist and guitar player)
  • Trevor Mills
    A friend of all things folk. Also a great songwriter. Also a smart computer dude. Also Eaglewood Folk Festival artistic director. Also.

Theatre Things

Word pals

Worldy concerns