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a grammy in the family

Wow, such amazing, wild news of my brother’s band, Arcade Fire winning the Grammy win for Best New Album.   A bit of a red-letter event, in what was already a pretty unbelievable career trajectory for their band.   It was so fun to watch their surprise and glee as they played the final song of the night at the Grammys.  I’m a bit at a loss for words about the whole thing, except that it’s sure cool to see artistry and innovation and non-commercial music honoured in this way.  It IS a damn good album!  And i guess this pretty much goes down in our family history…

2 comments on “a grammy in the family”

  1. evalyn says:

    Thanks John! We had a great time in Kingston – and I do hope you can make it to see SPIN in Toronto (in the thick of pre-production here now!). If you do, please stay after and say hello!

  2. John Rosseel says:

    Hi Evalyn,

    Yes, well deserved congrats to Richard and his mates in AF.

    I saw your show at Live Wire in Kingston last Friday night. Absolutely loved “Water” and “She Rides”. Karyn and Eve were great too, but you totally won us over with your humour, originality, and wonderful musicality.

    Will definitely try to make it to Toronto for SPIN in March. Thanks for a great show last week. You Parry’s are a talented lot!

    Cheers from a new fan in Kingston,

    John Rosseel

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