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A Letter From Annie Londonderry’s Granddaughter

Announcing the digital release of a new song from SPIN:  “A Letter from Annie Londonderry’s Granddaughter”!  You can download it from Bandcamp right here, right now, for the low low price of Pay-What-You-Wish.

The song is based on a real letter, that I really received, from the real granddaughter of Annie  (first woman to ride around the world on a bicycle in 1895)  Londonderry, a few months after I released the SPIN CD in 2011.   What she told me in her letter moved me deeply, and eventually, I adapted her words to create this song that now is part of the ending of the show.   For me the most amazing part of receiving this letter was how it brought SPIN full circle. When I first discovered Annie Londonderry’s story, I was so inspired and blown away by it, I wrote my song,”The Balled of Annie Londonderry”, which in turn became one of the building blocks of my show SPIN.  Receiving this letter made me reframe my own understanding of who Annie was, and at the same time, it gave me a rare and profound moment of understanding and gratitude for how art can connect us, across time and culture and place, and how it can sometimes miraculously change our own understandings of our own stories.   I would like to thank Mary Goldiner for allowing me to use the words from her beautiful letter, and I am so pleased to be able to put this new song into the world:  the wheel turning another revolution in the amazing cycle of creative inspiration.