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A note if you just bought the SPIN CD

We are having a tremendously fun and awesome run at Buddies this week. Here’s a nice review from Mooney On Theatre..

So if you bought an album at the show, and you are wondering, “where are the new songs from the second half of the show to be found?”  i just wanted to let you know that you can download  “A letter from Annie Londonderry’s Granddaughter” from Bandcamp, for free!  The other new song (“The dream in her, the dream in me”) is not yet recorded, though i hope it will be soon available to add to your SPIN collection.  Also yes, we are hoping to record and release a new version of  songs with string arrangements, and when we do…you’ll be able to get a version of that for free, too, if you’ve already bought the record.  But that maybe a little ways down the road.


2 comments on “A note if you just bought the SPIN CD”

  1. Debra Alexander says:

    Hi Evalyn,
    I saw SPIN on Sunday, I was completely transported for the duration of the show. It was wonderfully educational and moving, and I’m so glad I got to see it. As a life-long bike enthusiast and songwriter trying to make a living with my art, I could relate on so many levels. Fantastic job!
    I do hope we run into each other out and about…don’t know if you remember the time I met you when Karyn Ellis was in town…maybe an occasion will soon arise. I had this fleeting vision of being able to know you when you’re about 96 and reminiscing about the days when you put on SPIN. Ha! Who knows what the world will be like then.
    All The Best, Debra

  2. Steven Bush says:

    Dear Evalyn:

    I was lucky enough to be in the audience for your show this afternoon. (Sat. Nov. 22nd) What great work! I walked into the theatre feeling heavy-hearted and left feeling inspired and lightened. “Spin” is a precious gift in this era of so much darkness. Thank you.

    I have the CD and look forward to the version with that superb string trio. All the best getting that moving!

    Thanks again, and much love …

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