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A streaming theatre project

The Dialysis Project, a theatre production I’m directing and have been part of creating over the last several years will be streaming (world premiere over the internets!) – with three live performances May 25, 27 and 29th at 5:30 pm EST.

Presented by RCA Theatre in St. John’s Newfoundland, The Dialysis Project, created by Leah Lewis, Robert Chafe and Evalyn Parry, is a live, up-close-and-personal encounter with one woman’s lived experience of self-administered home dialysis.

Writer, performer and kidney patient Leah Lewis invites audiences into her home via livestream for a unique “performance”. Hooking herself up to her dialysis machine, Leah offers us a window into a life-maintaining medical procedure, and simultaneously, into her own life, as she weaves an intimate story about isolation, relationships, mortality, resilience and identity.

Leah’s vivid, personal storytelling is supported by evocative and imaginative visuals, and the result is a fascinating, funny, touching and utterly unique show.

Performances of The Dialysis Project will contain a live Medical Procedure. For more information please contact

Created by Leah Lewis, Robert Chafe and Evalyn Parry
Text and performance by Leah Lewis
Directed by Evalyn Parry
Dramaturgy by Robert Chafe
Project Design Collaborator: Kaitlin Hickey
Lighting and Sound Design by Brian Kenny
Projection Design by Elysha Poirier