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and sometimes…y

My very fun show at the Tranzac last week was followed immediately by getting struck down by a merciless flu, which had me bedridden for several days.  Got up from my sickbed to go into CBC to play a fun game of “Just a Minute” (fans of BBC Radio may know this game…check out the rules here) between me, Tom Howell (the word nerd) Jane Farrow (host of And Sometimes Y) and Russell Smith (past host of the show.  The game (which i did rather badly at… but did get a chance to wax eloquent about “clogs”) will be broadcast on CBC Radio One in on December 31, as part of the final episode of the very delightful “And Sometimes Y“.

In other news…it’s christmas and I have to go do my final shopping…as i write this, I hear the radio saying “on this, the busiest day of the shopping season”.  Wish me luck…and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!