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I have three arms

trevor mills and ev at SummerFolk

Spent last weekend at SummerFolk Festival in Owen Sound, Ontario. I like this pic of me and Trevor Mills because it kind of looks like I have three arms.

Now I’m truly back in the city from a beautiful month at the lake. Best month of the year, my dear! Enjoying everything cottage-like and Ontarian: loons and swimming and long country road bike rides and sunsets and deer flies and sitting on the stoop writing songs and tubing behind the motor boat and sleeping in the real quiet and avoiding the poison ivy and walking to the bridge, going slow and deep and quiet.

Gearing up for a month of playwriting, travels to Montreal, Newfoundland, and places in between, working on new spokenword pieces and creating new websites! no rest for the wicked. am i really so wicked? or just too enthusiastic about many projects.