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Bicycle Film Festival Toronto

There’s going to be a fun show at Horseshoe Tavern this Thursday August 11:  the Bikes Rock kick off party for the 2011 Toronto edition of the annual Bike Film Festival, and Brad and I are playing a set of bicycle-accompanied tunes from SPIN, along with

it will be awesome!   Come!

Then, the next week on Aug 18th I’m taking part in a history series called HerStory Cafe, where I’ll also be doing some SPIN excerpts – and I’m excited to hear the other presenter Steve Brearton who’s talking about the history of women and cycling in Toronto.  And it’s free!  At the lovely Trinity Bell Woods Park. 

On another cycling / performance note, I’m looking forward to seeing Clay and Paper Theatre’s new cycling themed show , The Pedaler’s Wager, that runs for one more week in Dufferin Grove Park, til Aug 14th.   Also going to see lots of shows at SummerWorks this week: so many good shows, both theatrical and musical, on offer….summer is a beauty.