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biking weather is back

and biking weather means that I am a happy camper. Because i don’t stop biking when it’s not really biking weather, but oh, is it ever so much more blissful to cycle when the breeze is warm and sun is shining and there are leaves on the branches.

I returned at the end of April from the Calgary International Spoken Word festival, followed by two amazing weeks at the Banff Centre spoken word program where it was all you can eat poetry for two weeks, plus also that crazy buffet and ridiculous desserts and incredible inspiration from the mountains and from the proliferation of amazing artists of all flavours. Lots of new writing bubbling.

Now I am back home in Toronto for the month.  A couple weeks ago, i stumbled upon the most amazing music store, which is located in the marvelous 401 Richmond Building.  Musideum is truly a unique and fabulous discovery…check it out, all you lovers of unusual and curious musical instruments. For my birthday i bought myself a shruti box: it is so awesome sounding and so good looking – another stylish free-reed for the collection.

There is a major commuter train project which is of great concern to people in my Parkdale Toronto neighbourhood.  A new commuter train is ostensibly a very good thing…however, if we don’t act to stop the bizarely old-fashioned and backward thinking plan of Metrolinx to put some 300 additional DIESEL trains a day on the tracks (up from the 50 a day currently running) that run from Union station all the way up to the airport and Georgetown, things are going to get noisy and polluted pretty quick and it’s not going to be a good scene.  Metrolinx need to act like they are living in the 21st century, and spend the money needed to invest in electric trains. The current plan is unthinkable.   If you agree, then make your voice heard before June.  Write a letter.  The Clean Train coalition website is very useful and well-researched and thorough site, with lots of info.

In June I head up to the Yukon to do some work with Sour Brides theatre company, under that amazing midsummer, midnight sun.  Then back to Ontario for some fantastic music festivals.    xo