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Blue Skies! Summer!

We had such a beautiful fun weekend at Blue Skies Music Festival this past weekend, off the grid in Clarendon Ontario. It was the First-Ever Outdoor Presentation of SPIN!   Which, to be honest was quite a big learning experience for us, since we’ve never done the show without a lengthy sound check before -and on a festival stage you only get a hurried line-check…and setting up all the video stuff on stage was new for this venerable folk festival…  but we were blessed with a magical starry night and the warm Blue Skies audience who bestowed an incredible a standing ovation on us at the end, so i guess it went okay 🙂   Many other fab musical acts made up the three nights of the festival – my personal highlights including David Francey, Trout Fishing in America, and surprise guest Sarah Harmer.   On Sunday, my workshop “The Idea of North” (titled borrowed from Glenn Gould’s 1967 radio doc of the same name) was really fun…i performed “To Live in the Age of Melting, part one: Northwest Passage” and read my “idea list” connected to this work in progress, and then Ian Robb, Kate Weeks, and Chris MacLean each sang a song connected to the idea of north…I loved it all.  Meanwhile, other happy campers belly danced, played ukeleles, learned about keeping chickens in your backyard, square danced under the afternoon sun, and listened to music late into the night.  Blue Skies magic!  Thanks for having us back to this remarkable community, and happy 40th anniversary, Blue Skies!

2 comments on “Blue Skies! Summer!”

  1. evalyn says:

    Hey Jason! Thanks for writing, i’m so glad you enjoyed the shows at Blue Skies. I will be performing in Toronto later this month, on Sept 26th at Hugh’s Room – a shared bill with a wonderful and hilarious storyteller / paramdedic, who does a show called The Emergency Monologues. I’ll be doing a couple sets of music. Other than that, still waiting to announce the release of The Age of Melting (Northwest Passage) piece – possibly in November, or in January. Will let you know! If you want to be on my mailing list, you can sign up here at this link:

  2. jason thomson says:

    hi evalyn,

    just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed your show and workshop at blue skies – and have listened to the cd multiple times since.

    Will you be doing the show in toronto anytime this fall? If so I will let friends know.

    I assume you will post on your site when the idea of north is available, I loved it.

    all the best,
    jason thomson (ottawa)

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