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Bottle this!

“Water must be public | Water must be free | Water is a human right, not a luxury”

water bottle


I am thrilled any time that a teacher or educator (or anyone!) uses my recording of Bottle This! in any educational or activist context.  Not only does bottled water not make sense, it also has so many far reaching, damaging consequences to our environment and the future of the planet we love.   I love it most of all when you let me know how and where you have used this piece!  Please write and tell me, I’m so pleased to hear about how how and where you are using it…

Access to clean water being a basic human right. Water should and must NOT be privatized.

To read more about it, check out these organizations doing excellent work on the issues involved.

Polaris Institute
The Council of Canadians
Blue Planet
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

 Listen to Bottle This!