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Breakfast is served

Breakfast, the new Independent Aunties show, opened officially last Wednesday, May 21, after a week of previewing. We Aunties are feeling so proud and happy. The audience response has been exhilarating: it seems we have made something that is CONNECTING to people in exactly the ways that we hoped it would. A wonderful review in  Xtra Magazine:

“…a highly strung and expertly crafted script…Breakfast is a prime example of text and tech blending seamlessly into an hour of funny, painful and often gripping drama.” Xtra Magazine

and EYE Magazine:

” Moment by moment, this 70-minute creation is utterly compelling, even if Breakfast’s dark, absurdist progression eventually defies description….adventurers who surrender to this play about transformation will be rewarded by visceral theatre. Like an orgasm, it’s hard to describe but you know when you’ve had one” EYE Magazine

People are calling the show creepy, sexy, dark, fascinating, complex, gripping, suspenseful and moving…. It delves into the female psyche, explores ideas about self help, about transformation, intimacy, celebrity and voyeurism…and lots of other things, too. Through many, many ideas, creative collaborators, crazy physical explorations, fundraising, rewrites and hours and months later, we have created a one-hour show that we are all incredibly proud of. Even several friends that claim to generally dislike theatre have told us they loved it. We hope you, too, can come experience Breakfast with us before it closes on JUNE 1st.

Here are a coupla links to what is being said, both critically and in cyber-conversation:

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