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count down…

10 days until opening night of SPIN, and simultaneous CD release.  The CD is mastered and the artwork is done, and I am so excited for it to be sent out into the world….did i mention that Don Kerr is a mad and amazing genius?   Recording this project is the most creative experience I’ve ever had in the recording studio.  I guess it’s not often a producer gets to record a bicycle – especially not a 1972 CCM Galaxy – and yow!  i can’t wait for you to hear it.  You won’t believe that what you are hearing is a bike.   It’s pretty freaking cool.

While i await getting the finished CD package into my hands, tech week starts (tomorrow) at the theatre, and I am busy learning my lines and getting ready to put a show on.   The bike is sounding FINE: we have made an exciting new arrangement of the Ballad of Annie Londonderry; it’s amazing to be reworking and refining each piece of the show, and then tech week is all about getting the beautiful Beth Kates projections  layered into  the mix….unbelievable that it’s all coming together.

I moved into my new home last week:   cosmic crazy convergence of everything insane all at once…so in between rehearsals i’m sweeping up plaster dust and trying to find my socks.

Here’s a preview of the album cover art, by the marvelous Simon Farla.