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Dear Mr Harper

my small, post-Canadian-election-frustruation rant.  enjoy.

3 comments on “Dear Mr Harper”

  1. Alison says:

    Fabulous! As you were speaking it was like you were pulling my very own thoughts from my head and feelings from my heart and putting them together in a most beautiful and cohesive way. I loved it.

  2. pumpkin sparshott says:

    Hi Evelyn,
    I’d love to read the rant if there is text soemwhere findable…

    I’m on basic dialup and downloading videos takes a very long time.

    Love your work, and absolutely know I would love the rant.


  3. Doreen says:

    great rant! couldn’t agree more.
    one of these days we may have a viable political alternative as elizabeth may gets more time in the race. she is fabulous.
    did you hear what jack layton did? not only was he responsible for bringing down paul martin’s government based on the CHILDCARE proposal, but he did a huge mistake in BC in this election in Saanich/Gulf Islands riding…the ndp candidate for the riding withdrew too late to have his name removed from the ballot [strategic as the sex scandal was secveral years ago that caused the withdrawl]; the day before the elections he orchestrated a phone campaign to all the ndp in the riding to VOTE FOR THE NDP CANDIDATE on the ballot. The 3500 votes or so that were wasted got the encumbant gary lunn [minister of natural resources who was responsible for firing the whistle blower in the nuclear power plant scandal] would have been enough to get Briony Penn voted in and she would have been a fabulous person to have in ottawa. Instead, jack layton helped harper and his cronies once again. the ndp are not going to get votes until they get a decent leader, of which there are several females in the party that could be excellent.
    that is my rant. cheers & keep up the great work. thx.

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