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Election Time

Get your vote on, Canada – anything but a Conservative majority government.  Check out the Department of Culture,  an organizing body who do not endorse a particular party, but who are committed to saving Canada from a conservative majority under Stephen Harper…the website has lots of good info and fact sheets and also hilarious and great videos and inspiration and artistic political goodness going on.   No question that Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are bad for the environment, bad for arts and culture, for heath care, for social services, for women…and they do not in any way represent the kind of country that I want to live in…

Given the choices of who else to vote for, and strategic voting, etc, it’s not easy to make a decision about how to make your vote count.   Here’s a little link i found interesting, if you are thinking environmental issues:

I feel lucky to live in a riding with a truly amazing MP, Peggy Nash, who i want to see stay in office. Go Peggy!

Speaking of Peggy’s, here’s a link to a good article about Harper and his position on the arts (that artists are a bunch of fancy – elite-party-going-wine-sipping whiners) by Margaret Atwood.

And here, Toronto friends and colleagues who run a political theatre event The Wrecking Ball, have posted some really inspired writing by Wajdi Mouawad, head of the French NAC.  Also scroll right down to see his incredible “Open Letter to Prime Minister Harper”.

See you at the polls…