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fall news

Can’t quite believe we’re already heading into the end of September.  I love this time of year -sort of.  I love the weather, and the colours and the crisp turn in the air, but the sadness of summer leaving always yanks at my heart strings.  But it’s a creative time of year –

This week I’ll be playing a show at Hugh’s Room with my dear friend Morgan Jones Phillips; he will be performing his amazing and hilarious show “The Emergency Monologues”: unbelievable but true stories of being a paramedic.  And I will be the musical diversion on the bill. Guaranteed good times.   Morgan and I go way back and have collaborated on all kinds of things, including that i “directed” the first version of his show for the Summerworks Festival back in 2008.  I only put “directing” in quotes because really i feel my role was more “aiding and abetting”: encouraging and cheerleading – not so much careful blocking and character development – you’ll see what i mean if you’ve seen the show (or if you come to Hugh’s Room on Sept 26!).  He pretty much does his own thing, and that’s what makes it the insanely funny show that it is.   For a while, many years ago now, Morgan and I also had a band with our friend Doug called “Honkin”.   It featured banjo, concertina and harmonica (now don’t you want to hear that band? C’mon…). We were all trying to learn our instruments and thought we might as well make a band of it; probably quite a bit stronger as a comedy act than a musical one, one favorite memory was our version of Simon and Garfunkel’s The Boxer (on concertina, harmonica and bugle).  Anyway.   Now i’m just blathering on.

In mid-October, SPIN is heading up north – WAY up north – for a tour of the Northwest Territories and the Yukon.   We are seriously psyched.

And in the meantime, I’m continuing to develop the Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas project with The Independent Aunties (Anna Chatterton and Karin Randoja), and Elysha Poirer and I are editing The Age of Melting film…and you’ll be hearing more about all of it in the next month or so, when we’ve got stuff to show to the public.     Happy fall.   xo