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Coming out a period of winter web-hibernation, with a new resolution to post updates and blog entries more often in 2012. We begin today! This month there are a bunch of fun performance things upcoming, let me tell you about them. First on Feb 9th, i’m taking part in a cabaret hosted by the lovely Kristin Sweetland, at the always excellent Cameron House. I am still deciding what i will be doing for my 25 minute set…but i think it might be “To Live in the Age of Melting” (aka The NW Passage piece), since I’ve spent a lot of time in the last few months recording. It may still be quite some time before this piece gets an official “release”, as I’m plotting a bigger, multi-media project to go with it (stay tuned) but in the meantime, i continue to learn by performing it…
It’s the annual Rhubarb Festival at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre this month, and I am involved in a couple of ways. First, on Feb 19th at 2 pm, The Independent Aunties (that’s Anna Chatterton, Karin Randoja and I) will be performing the first public showing of our new project “Gertrude and Alice”, which is an exploration of the lives and love of Gertrude Stein and Alice B Toklas. I play Gertrude. Anna plays Alice. Karin plays our maid. It’s a one-time only presentation, you won’t have a chance to see more until this summer or maybe the fall…so come be a part of the process! see the raw new work! be part of the conversation! i loves me a workshop presentation.
Second, at the Rhubarb, the Buddies’ Young Creators UnitBuddies’ Young Creators Unit presentations take place both weekends of the festival. I am the director of the program, and as such, each year I mentor four young, queer identified artists through the process of creating their own 25 minute solo performance. I’m super proud of the Unit and the work these amazing young artists create, and this year is a fine fine crop! More details about the final presentations is to be found here.
Other news? Well, next year is shaping up to be a MAJOR touring year for SPIN – I’ll soon be updating the site with confirmed dates, but the show is going out west, around Ontario, hopefully out east and up north, and maybe even down south, so stay tuned….In the meantime, SPIN goes to Montreal for the Edgy Women Festival this March.