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Well there’s been some “issues” going on with the website for the last few weeks — hope you haven’t been looking for things you couldn’t find…and hopefully i’ll have everything working all hunky-dory again soon. I’m heading off to see Veda Hille’s cd release tonight, can’t wait. It’s been a jam jam jam packed few weeks for me (perhaps the website’s problems are like a virtual representation of the inside of my head: too many things going on! everything gets jumbled! nothing links properly anymore! malfunction!) but it’s all been pretty fun. Girls with Glasses completed our tour, The Aunties held a very successful and fun fundraiser, and I directed a show at Buddies for the Young Creators Unit which had it’s one-night presentation last night as part of Rhubarb!. Extremely fun…and i’m a tired cookie. Now i hunker down and get writing.