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First stop: North Carolina

From the stage of the Thalian Hall, Wilmington NC

First stop on the spring 2013 SPIN tour is Wilmington,North Carolina.   After some epic packing to fly this show thru the air, we arrived late last night with all our bits in tact.  This morning I did a workshop at the University (for a gender studies class -very fun, although 9 am is admittedly probably not my best time…) and tomorrow we do the show at the magnificent Thalian Hall, a beeeeeautiful heritage theatre in downtown Wilmington.  It’s an old vaudeville theatre build in 1855, and has been recently restored to it’s original splendor.  I have to say this theatre wins the prize for the most fabulous space we have ever played in – it’s truly stunning.  There’s a gigantic chandelier which will rise as the red velvet curtain rises!   And many incredible and noteworthy artists have graced the boards here over the last century or so, including – must say this excited me – Oscar Wilde.  And hey cyclists:  if you ride your bike to the show, you get free popcorn!

A cool North Carolina connection:  Brad and I are excited to meet Jeff Carroll of Bluefield Mastering, who mastered the SPIN CD, and who lives in the state…we’ve worked together via the internet over the last couple of years, and finally get to meet tomorrow at the theatre, he’s coming to town for the show.     He’s also just mastered the recording of the new song from the show, “A Letter from Annie Londonderry’s Granddaughter”, which will finally be released as a digital download…next week!  woo hoo.  Next stop after Wilmington is Wingate, NC.   We’re only playing towns that start with “W” in North Carolina this time.   Next  stop after that, working our way backward through the alphabet, is Vancouver.

4 comments on “First stop: North Carolina”

  1. Phil says:

    Loved your show in Wingate last night, especially your use of mixed media. Then, sharing the letter from Annie’s granddaughter was a beautiful “rest of the story”. Thanks for coming to this “W”.

  2. Linda says:


    I thought you might be interested in this project.. Sarah Menzies is a friend of mine… her project, Afghan Cycles , is in keeping with SPIN tour. Check it out!!

  3. Linda says:

    Also, your voices are juat perfect!

  4. Linda says:

    Hello Evalyn and Brad… Cannot tell you how inspiring and original I found your show tonite!! Who knew one could play the bike!?? and so beautifully!! Thank you for sharing your insight and presentation! All the best to you!!
    Linda B. (listened to your cd on the way home just to keep the feeling going! 🙂

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