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For the Love of CBC

This past Monday, I had the pleasure of performing as part of a big show at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa in support of CBC Radio / Radio Canada.    At the very last minute, I was asked to step in to replace the anglophone co-host for the event, Candy Palmater, who fell ill — so it was a great fun to not only perform a song on the show (I played “She Rides”), but to ALSO co-host with the inimitable Giles Payer.


It was an epic show, with so many great artists on the bill – including Greg Keelor (with a new song for Stephen Harper, “You’re stealing all my dreams”), Sarah Sleen, Amanda Rheaume, and folk-singing astronaut (and personal hero!) Chris Hadfield, plus many new discoveries, most notably the awesome Quebec superstar, Lisa Leblanc, and Ottawa-based Burundian drum ensemble Ramesha (holy shit!  incredible!!).    Also many great speakers and political leaders – including RH Thompson,  Ontarios’s Attorney General the Honourable Madelaine Meilleur, and many more.

Noteably absent was the Minister of Canadian Heritage, Sheila Glover….

If you are reading this post, please take a moment to write a letter to Stephen Harper and your MP, stating the need for a well-funded public broadcaster, and demanding an end to the cuts that are slowing killing this beloved and essential Canadian institution.

here’s a FB link to more photos from the event

evalyn with Colonel Chris Hatfield