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fundraising and recording!

Is it really already January the 21?   Happy belated new year to all.  I have had my head, ears and heart all fully consumed by the recording studio, making the recording of the songs from SPIN.  It is getting close to completion,and let me tell you, I am SO excited.  Shortly i will post links to some teaser rough mixes for you to get a sneak peak at what we’ve been doing with producer extraordinare, Don Kerr!

The fundraising for the March production of SPIN at Buddies is also going really well, thanks to you:  my amazing, generous and supportive fans!   We’ve had $4000 in donations in one short month, and we’re looking to raise $3000 more to get this show on stage in it’s full glory.   Click here to find out more about how to donate, and what you get for being part of my team!