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It’s your turn

Evalyn Parry

I love to hear from you, so here’s your chance!

8 comments on “It’s your turn”

  1. Salenia says:

    Saw your show last night in Hamilton for the first time and absolutely loved you. I can’t wait to see you again, and get another t-shirt 🙂

  2. Russell Stanton says:

    Evalyn, i finally found you – after hearing “Think about what you drink” on Jim Blum’s folk music show on the Akron Ohio NPR station, i’ve been wanting to hear it again ever since! THANKYOU for letting us hear so many of your songs for free. The main reson i wanted to find “Bottle This” was to share it with some enviro friends – especially now that we want to give away water for people to put into their own containers at an upcoming folk festival – and i had to say, Wouldn’t it be great to get a CD of that rap and play it continuously next to our free water dispencer! I’ll try getting somebody who knows how to buy music online to do it (don’t know if i’ll EVER understand all that stuff) (have had way too many disappointments with business online already). But most of all, will it be OK with you if we use your rap for that purpose? Either way, THANKS FOR PUTING ALL THOSE THOUGHTS INTO WORDS SO PERFECTLY. THE WORLD NEEDS TO HEAR THEM! Sincerely, Rus

  3. evalyn says:

    Thanks Yo! Kate and I had a great time on Salt Spring! Kayaking next time for sure 🙂

  4. Johanna Murray says:

    Thanks for rocking our rock last night at Moby’s Pub on Saltspring Island. Your amazing !Hope to get you out kayaking next time.. Cheers Yo

  5. evalyn says:

    Thanks Bernie! Hope to see you again on this beautiful island 🙂 Ride on!

  6. Bernie Robinson says:

    My GF and I had the privelege of front row seats at Joe’s Garage in Courtenay.
    Sorry for the small turn out, but those of us who attended were not disappointed!
    I don’t drive, ride my bike everywhere, so my beautiful Lynette informed me your show was for me! LOL We hope to see you on the island again, keep spinning!
    Thanks, Bernie

  7. Wendy says:

    Keep spinning, dear Evalyn! much love from Wendy and Polly

  8. Catherine says:

    from tender beginnings at both friendship and at stretching our feet to fill the shoes left by foremothers
    through weddings awash with joy and life awash with challenges
    i remain dazzled
    who you have always been
    and who you’ve grown yourself to be
    SPIN triumphs, and i find myself awash in happy tears
    thank you for knowing you always have a home here

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