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Happy 2013

So it’s a brand new year again, as the century turns to it’s teen years…and January is a stay-at-home month, a hibernating-and-working-on-new-creation-month, a time to turn inside and stoke the fires and do some deep investigation into some ideas that have been brewing but haven’t had time to take form.

#Idle No More is an uprising that inspires the new year.  
Change is in the air, things that have for too long been at the back of consciousness are coming to the fore.
Old wounds need tending, mending, and old ideas can bring new inspiration.  Like this fire-fighting bicycle!  Bring it back!


The spring holds our biggest-yet tour for SPIN – including a two week run in my beloved Vancouver, at the venerable Cultch, and our second trip to the United States   -but before then, my annual project with the Young Creators Unit at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre takes its spot at the Rhubarb Festival, and meanwhile there will be a few little jaunts up and down the road in Ontario.

Some of my new years resolutions, which I extend out to you:

1. Less procrastination, more activation.

2. Quality over quantity

3. Go deeper

4. Less fear, more love