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happy bike month!

We had a delightful SPIN show in Almonte Ontario last night, celebrating Mississippi Mills Bike Month (and Bike Month everywhere!):  a packed house at the Almonte Old Town Hall (what an amazing acoustic hall!), and an overwhelming reception to the show.  The night before we were in the tiny town of Killaloe, where I guess about a quarter of the population of 600 were in attendance.   Beautiful.  It is a real treat to be the guest of honour in these small communities.  In Killaloe, I lead a spoken word workshop on Thursday evening, and that was also inspiring to hear people’s passions turned into bold and firey words.

Hey! In the spirit of Bike Month, and also the Canada Postal strike,  finally the SPIN CD is available for digital download: click here for the goods on CDBaby

2 comments on “happy bike month!”

  1. evalyn says:

    Thank you! I’ll pass your video compliment on to our video designer Beth Kates!

  2. Ron Broughton says:

    Great Performance!

    Very well written, performed and staged. The video, in particular, added such nice dimension. Thanks Evalyn, Brad and Charissa for such a wonderful night.

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