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Igor Kenk gets 4 months?!

Unbelievable.  Igor Kenk, the man who stole 3000 bicycles from Torontonians…gets sentanced to only 30 months, and those are reduced by the time he has already spent in pre-trial custody, so we’re talking only 4 months in jail.  He pleaded guilty to stealing 10 bikes.  That’s freakin hilarious.    Now it’s not that i’m a big believer in jail as a good solution to anything.  But it’s outrageous that his crimes don’t constitute something far more serious.   If that was 10 cars he’d stolen (not to mention if it was 3000 cars)….perhaps the punishment might be a little more harsh?

As someone who has had 3 bikes stolen in the last decade in this city…i take the whole thing kind of personal-like.

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