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International Women’s Day

Happy IWD. Horrah for being a girl! hats off to all the people working world-wide to improve the lives of women and girls everywhere. gratitude to my foremothers. gratitude for living in a country that has a section 15 in their charter of rights and freedoms.

You can click here to read my attempt to turn the most recent edition of the Canadian Journal of Women and the Law into a spoken word extraveganza. Debuted on March 6 at the Rewriting Equality Symposium put on by the Women’s Court of Canada…this was quite a little research project for me, but super interesting and fun. One of my critical-thinking-and-writing heros, Heather Mallick, served as the very fine host for the event, and she and all the lawyers seemed to like my new piece “Parry V. Revision: who will win?” , so i’m well pleased.