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Kiinalik in Chile

Feeling so lucky to have had the chance to be part of Teatro A Mil Festival in Santiago Chile in January, what an incredible festival, a vibrant and amazing city, and such a warm, heartfelt welcome for Kiinalik in this beautiful place.   From audiences to the tech crew at the theatre, to our *incredible* festival host (love you Habib!) we felt so embraced! 

I packed in a lot in a couple of days off: Visiting the Museum of Memory and Human Rights – which commemorates the victims of human rights violations under the Pinochet dictatorship – was a (painful)  highlight, giving so much gravity and context about the charged political life of this city, and bringing new dimension to what it means for us to share the stories of Kiinalik here. Also had the chance to climb to the top of the San Christobal Hill, visit the shrine and take in the panoramic view of Santiago and the surrounding mountains, and then ride the cable car down the mountain.  This place feels so awake and alive, vibrating with politics, protest, the power of people in the streets, and attuned to the power and necessity of art.  We had the chance to talk with audiences during our performance, and to learn more about Indigenous resurgence, explore the meaning of indigenous homeland and understand more about Mapuche and other Indigenous nations here in Chile.  An incredible honour to bring our show about the North to the other side of the equator, and understand how the themes from Kiinalik resonate in the global south.