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Kiinalik sold out run

We’re in the final weekend of Kiinalik:These Sharp Tools at Buddies – and it’s been such an incredible ride.  Thanks to everyone who has come and been with us to make the entire run sold out.   (We’re sorry we can’t extend the run beyond the extra show on Sunday, but Laakkuluk’s gotta go home to Iqaluit, and next week at Buddies is ArtAttack! our annual fundraising art auction.  I’ll keep you posted for when Kiinalik will return…it surely will return…and we plan to take it to Iqaluit in the summer).

Great reviews from The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, Now Magazine, Mooney On Theatre, Intermission Magazine, among others.   Also a lovely feature on CBC on my brilliant collaborator Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory.

It has been an extraordinary experience collaborating with this incredible, generous and talented group of artists.   My gratitude to Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory (co-writer /creator and performer), Erin Brubacher (director and co-creator), Elysha Poirier (live video and co-creator), Cris Derksen (live cello and music co-creator), Rebecca Picherack (lighting) and Kaitlin Hickey (production design), and Aleda DeRoche (sound engineer).  And the entire production team at Buddies, our Stage Manager Christina Cicko, our Production Manager Charissa Wilcox, Tech Director Adrien Whan, and technician Susie Balough. #TeamWork #collaboration #Kiinalik

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