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Kiinalik: These Sharp Tools on tour!

After a 2.5 (pandemic-induced) pause, Kiinalik:These Sharp Tools goes on tour this November to Belfast International Festival (Nov 4 & 5) and Munich Kammerspiele (Nov 12 &13) We are excited to bring the show back to life on stage, and can’t wait to meet audiences in Northern Ireland and Germany! It will be my first international travel since the pandemic began, and I am looking forward to remembering what it’s like to be in a theatre, and to share a space with this incredible ensemble of artists.

2 comments on “Kiinalik: These Sharp Tools on tour!”

  1. Evalyn Parry says:

    Thanks for the wonderful chat Bettina and Dietmar! It was wonderful to meet and talk with you after the show.

  2. Dietmar Grießhaber-Hügle says:

    Hi Laakkuluk and Evalyn, thank you very
    much for the evening today in Munich.
    You tuched our heard and soul.
    Bettina and Dietmar

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