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March…Montreal and more

It feels like spring today.  13 degrees and sunny!   Mind you, yesterday it was minus 13, so it’s not like you can count on anything to do with the weather these days.   But today i have the spring fever, and I’m going out for a run in the park.   But not before I put down a few words here about what’s been going on, and what’s coming up.

In a few weeks, SPIN goes to Montreal (March 22, at Edgy Women), plus there are a few other fun shows this month (a historical storytelling series at the Waterloo Regional Museum, Nightwood Theatre’s annual FemCab, and more).  I am working on a brand new little topical piece, which is a rant about Toronto’s insane Mayor, Rob Ford…if i can actually force myself to get any work done on this beautiful day, I will bust it out on stage Thursday (which is International Women’s Day, if you care to know) at the Tranzac IWD show.

“Gertrude and Alice” (the Independent Aunties new project) had its first public showing at the end of February, which was very encouraging (frankly, i think we were so deep in pain of creation, we’d forgotten that what we make is comedy – so it was wonderfully gratifying to be bathed in the raucous laughter of the packed house!).  We’re feeling the project is on the right track, and likely will have a full workshop presentation next fall.   This year’s Young Creators Unit presentations at The Rhubarb festival were terrific (I always feel like the proud mom).  There is exciting news about a show I’ll be directing at Buddies next year – but I have to wait until the season is announced next month to share that….oooo anticipation.

In the meantime…I must get myself out into the sunshine and start cultivating some new freckles.  xo