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more summer adventures

Oh Owen Sound, SummerFolk!  Sweet festival of my childhood.  Pretty fun to get to be a grown up, playing the mainstage on Sunday night; even more fun to get to share a stage with Peggy Seeger (!) and Susan Werner on Saturday afternoon at the “Images of Women” workshop.   Also the “Bicycles!” workshop with Coco Love Alcorn.   We had some good times.    Oh, and taking a yoga class on Saturday morning before the festival began with Clare at Priya Yoga- lucky Owen Sound that they have her for a teacher, that was some hell ya! yoga.

This past Monday I returned from a gig up in Port Elgin which is where the CAW (that’s right, that’s the Canadian Auto Workers) have their conference centre.  I had the immense pleasure of performing for the opening night of their annual women’s conference, where female CAW leaders and members from across the country join together for a several-day intensive.  Those are some incredible, powerful women.   This is the second time I’ve been up to the conference, and next time I go, I am going to be taking my little recording device, and getting some of these ladies stories on tape.  That is a songwriting project just begging to be undertaken.  These women have some amazing stories and experiences to share about their work and lives.   A highlight was getting to meet one of my political-sheros, Peggy Nash (who used to be my MP in Parkdale-Highpark).

Hey, check out the latest issue of Dandyhorse, the very fine, Toronto-based magazine dedicated to cycling culture.  It’s a great publication.   And this issue is all about musicians who love to ride.   There’s a little interview with me about SPIN, the bike show (coming up…October 25th).

This weekend, off to Shelter Valley Folk Festival.    Can’t wait.