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Northwest Passage song

A wonderful first day at the Vancouver Folk Festival…here’s a note  for everyone who was asking me after my concert yesterday about whether there is a recording of the Northwest Passage song (which is formally titled “To Live in the Age of Melting, part i:  Northwest Passage”), the answer is:  yes, the track is recorded, and it will SOON be available as a digital download …keep your eye on my site for announcement within the next week!   Thanks for the love.  See you today for the final day of the festival!  (and – could your festival be any more beautiful?)

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  1. Susan says:

    Thanks for your greatness at the festival evalyn! I have not been able to get your Northwest Passage out of my mind. I’m soooo excited to see that you’re recording it soon.
    Been a fan for years, ever since you played at the Quaker Hall in Victoria. So wonderful to hear you again …..

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