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ocean views

I’m spending the weekend on Gabriola Island at the Poetry Festival – feels like a poetry spa!  We’re in the most stunning ocean-side location, being treated like queens while we present the brand new works that were commissioned last year by the festival for a project called Canada Speaks: New Literary Performance Works by Twelve Canadian Artists. I presented “To Live in the Age of Melting” last night, in the very good company of bill bissett, Drk Daa and Fortner Anderson…and more good stuff to come tonight and tomorrow.   The Gabriola audience is so lovely i kind of want to pack them all up and take them on the road with me.  Or else, just return again and again…
bob and evFriday night i hosted the opening show with Bob Bossin and Mae Moore. Pictured here: Bob Bossin and I singing his classic song “Show us the Length” as a duet!

The view from lying down in my bed at the Dragon Lodge is all ocean: a window full of sea and sky, the occasional ferry sailing silently by in the distance.