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Oh Come On Come On

She thinks she wants change, but will it take a disaster

before everything will move a little faster

She wants to feel the difference, she wants to hold it in her hand

Something hard enough to feel an impact when it lands


Oh come on, come on


In her dreams she’s in a theatre, which is filled up to the brim

the crowd is chattering and the show is about to begin

Her seat is in the front row: this ticket was a gift

From her great great grandmothers, who insisted that she had to see this


Oh come on, come on


The ghosts are everywhere; she wishes she could be

More than a production, be more than painted scenery

How about a little insight?  How about a flashlight in the dark?

How about a program that would tell us how to interpret this part?


Oh come on, come on


But the lights all grow dim, and the orchestra begins to play

and now she can’t hear anything the inside voices are trying to say


How about a little progress?  How about something new

Not just the same old voices dictating what she can do

Even recycling everything they’ve ever done,

she can’t ride hard enough to make the knot of contradictions come undone


Oh, come on, come on

Oh, come on, come on


c  2011 SOCAN evalyn parry