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If you know me, chances are good you know about SPIN, the “bicycle show” I’ve been touring around for the last several years.   And if you know SPIN, then you already know percussionist Brad Hart, who plays the bicycle in the show.  Now, Brad Hart has a show of his own, it’s called OH GOD-THE DRUMS. And I’ve had the honour of sitting in the director’s seat.  It’s a one-man show, a stand-up monologue, a beautiful and hilarious and poignant story about how Brad fell in love with the drums as a kid and grew up to become a drummer, and some of the challenges along the way…it’s playing at the Toronto Fringe this week, and opens at the Hamilton Fringe next week.   We’re thrilled that NOW Magazine gave it the highest praise it could give, with a five NNNNN review.  Also, the script won “best new script contest” at the Hamilton Fringe.  Brad is a really great writer and performer…you don’t need to be a drummer yourself to love this show.  I hope you can check it out.