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oh politics. oh anne.

Wow, what an exciting week in Canadian politics.  And now parliament is suspended.   Jeez.  It sure is good to see Harper squirming, that little weasel.   And even better, to see the Liberals and NDP (and the Bloc) getting it together and coalition building.  What will happen next?   there’s a rally tomorrow at noon in cities across the country, to show support for the coalition…in Toronto it’s at city hall.  See you there?

In other, totally unrelated news, I was in a show last weekend at Buddies called “Anne Made Me Gay; when kindred spirits get naked”!  Hosted by the awesome Rosemary Rowe – it was SO FUN, like a dream come true, really.   Special for the 100th Anniversary of Anne of Green Gables, this was a tribute that could only be imagined at Buddies.  I sang “The Anne in my mind”, and I also made a little video, documenting my “audition” for the part of Anne – giving Megan Follows a serious run for her money.     Why didn’t they cast me?  Didn’t they appreciate the Anne and Diana make-out session?

Check out some photos of the Anne night here