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onward summer

It’s almost a week later and i’m still recovering from a great (sleepless) weekend at Blue Skies festival in Clarendon Ont.  Clarendon is a town of a few houses down a dirt road off Highway 509 sorta near Sharbot Lake, which is kinda near Perth, which is in Lanark County, sort of on the way to Ottawa if you were taking highway 7.   Blue Skies is the amazing festival that has been going for over 35 years which takes place on this beautiful, rolling piece of land in the middle of nowhere: the festival sprouts up every summer over the August long weekend, a little village of tents, music and 3000 good souls and amazing musicians jamming around camp fires all night long.   The weather was great, Magoo was the magical presiding MC ( and he once again blew me away with his unbelievable hosting skillz and incredible costume changes – i have a serious case of costume-closet-envy – and there were a bunch of fantastic acts on the mainstage every evening.  My personal highlights being  CR Avery, who just about blew my head off with his closing performance to the festival on Sunday night – lifting spoken word to whole new heights -  and killer ukulele player James Hill with Anne Davison on cello.  Also listening to Jaren Freeman Fox and Emilyn Stamm and Ben Whiteley, aka Goatnote…also dancing to Vancouver’s red hot Deli to Dublin.   My set Saturday night on the mainstage was fun…(check out a couple nice pics here by my friend Jake Morrison) got a load of kids up on stage to play water bottle with me (and please note, no bottled water was sold or available at Blue Skies…a movement is truly happening, friends!)… even more fun than the mainstage for me was the all-acoustic, unamplified spoken word workshop session under the Meadow Tent on Sunday.

About all i’ve managed to do this week, besides sleeping and putting my things away, is get a haircut.   oooo…shaved up the sides…i feel like i’ve gone back to montreal in the late ’90’s.

Oh, as per my stat about bottled water sales being down 3.3%, check out this encouraging article in the Huffington Post.