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Open Letter to Igor Kenk, Bicycle Thief

Dear Mr. Bicycle Thief: I’m writing to you with the belief

That you are the one who stole my bike five years ago

And if this letter seems somewhat delayed, it’s only since they came and took you away

That I understood what I had to say, so now I’m writing to you

I went to the warehouse, but I didn’t find anything, the police told me it wasn’t that surprising

Since apparently they were all just parts to you, and you took them apart as you needed to

But to me, that bike was more than a part: when you stole it, you stole a piece of my heart

And I walked home that night crying


Well you know as well as I

that is sure is great to ride

so I don’t know how you justified stealing bicycles


Maybe you think that stealing is funny? Or maybe you think that I’m made of money?

But I am just an ordinary rider.

for me, a bike is not a luxury item, it’s my primary form of transportation

And what you stole from me that day was my freedom

Also, that bike was full of memories: my ex-lover gave to me,

And even though all we used to do was fight, now that she’s dead, I really wish I had that bike

That bike was the only thing that she gave me that I still had,
and sure, maybe you don’t know or care about my story

But do you know what it’s like to lose the one you love?
To have something stolen from you? To lose the one you love.

So now your little Queen street shop is closed down, and boarded up

but every time I ride by, I still think of you

and I think of all those bikes you stole, and all the memories they hold

for all the unlucky people who like me, loved and lost

a part of their history when you stole their bicycles

yes you, yes you, yes you


yes you know as well as I

that is sure is great to ride

and I don’t know how you justified stealing bicycles.


c SOCAN 2011 evalyn parry