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We are in the recording studio this week and next, recording the songs from SPIN at the Rooster Studio with Don Kerr.  It is super super exciting.


We are planning to have a record in time for the premiere of the show in March!   We’ve been waiting to do this recording with Don for some time, and it was so worth the wait… The studio is always such a creative place to be, and this feels like an extra special case of creative and amazing, with our bicycle instrument hooked up to so many channels, the seat – aka bass drum – going thru a honkin big bass amp, and all the  unique sounds the bike can make now going thru even more EQ and effects and multi-channeled effects….ooooo, we are having a good time, it is sounding really good, we’re making new little parts and discoveries about the songs…i can’t wait for you to hear it.

If you are eager to have a copy of this record for yourself, please consider contributing to my SPIN fundraising campaign: you can pre-buy a copy of the album (or make a more substantial donation), and get a charitable receipt for your contribution!   It takes a village to raise a record…