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Seeking Simone

I spent a couple days this week and last shooting an episode of Seeking Simone; i play a rather insane stalker / L-Word fan, and we had a very hilarious time filming…Rose tells me the episode (first in season 2) will be released on line sometime in November.

People have been asking me about shows this fall, and when i’m performing.  Well, i guess if you look over there to your left, you’ll see when and where: but  it’s true, i’m not doing a ton of playing at the moment (although there are a few noteable shows coming up, more on that in a moment); i’m taking this fall to wear my producer hat (getting ready for the spring premiere of SPIN at Buddies in Toronto, and to do some recording! The songs from SPIN, as well as a bunch of other new material… exciting….I’ll keep you posted.

But there ARE some cool and special shows this fall:  notably, on October 24 and Nov 15, I’ll be performing a brand new piece called “To Live in the Age of Melting”, which i wrote for a unique spoken word commission project by Poetry Gabriola, called Canada Speaks. My piece is a personal and political deconstruction of Stan Rogers iconic song “The NorthWest Passage” – part song, part story, you know how i like to do it.  The official premiere is at the Gabriola Festival in November, but i’ll try it out at the FOOL festival in Toronto first.    On the same day at the FOOL Festival, another special thing is happening: a film by Cara Mumford, which uses my poem 14 (for December 6) will premiere at the Imaginative Film Festival.  I’ll be starting my afternoon at the screening, before zipping over to the FOOL festival!   “Clever and uncompromising, this spoken-word tour de force recalls the events of the Montreal massacre at École Polytechnique, making a bold statement for the abolishment of violence against women”, sayeth the festival website!