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september is here

Back-to-schoolishness is everywhere and I can’t help but feel like the real new year comes in September. After a glorious summer of creative retreat and time off, swimming in a lake, biking through the countryside, reading and writing and eating and garden and sunsets…I am back in Toronto, busy writing the Aunties new play (Breakfast) and getting ready to go to Montreal for a week with Clean Irene.

A work-related highlight of my summer was performing for the Canadian Auto Workers annual Women’s Conference, up at this beautiful education centre on Lake Huron. It was unbelievably inspiring to meet all these women from all over Canada who are members of CAW: there was POWER in the room, I tell you. These are women who take feminism out of any academic sort of context, and are making it live in the world, in their workplaces — many of which are, uh, not traditionally female workplaces, shall we say. “I’m the only female electrician in Sudbury”…you know, that kind of thing. A great honour to perform for them. Brought back “the Dominion of Love” for the first time in a while, in honour of some Dominion workers that CAW represents!