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Hello out there, does it feel like fall where you are?  It does here today in Toronto.  I just got back from the country, where the Independent Aunties were beginning the very most beginnings of a brand new show.  We worked for a week in a magic barn in Killaloe, ON.  The working title of our brand new beginning is “Gertrude and Alice Get Along Fine”, and it’s about (you guessed it) Gertrude Stein and Alice B Toklas.  We are excited by what we started to create.  But don’t expect to see anything any time soon – we work slow, we Aunties.  Slow and deep!  We’ll be doing a residency at Buddies this year, developing the new work, and we’ll let you know when we have something to show…

In other news, this Sunday Toronto is having our first ever Bicycle Music Festival, outdoor shows powered by bike power (ie, you wanna hear the music, you get on a bike and pedal for the power!), and Brad and I are going to partake by playing some bicycle-themed songs, on a bicycle, powered by bicycles in Dufferin Grove Park.