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SPIN on tour in Ontario

Hey November.  We say it’s time to keep celebrating the mighty bicycle, even as the cold creeps into Ontario for another winter!  Last week we threw our music bike in a van, and started this month of SPIN tour in Guelph at the River Run Centre;  tomorrow we head to Kingston to the Grand Theatre ( Nov 6-11 at the Baby Grand) and then Oakville, St Catherines, North Bay and Morrisburg.   We have a new member of our cast:  the marvellous Annabelle Chvostek, who adds her fantastic voice, mandolin, fiddle and the weird and wonderful musical wheel (built by Iner Souster).  AND – for those who’ve seen it before – the show has a new ending.  A new song (“A letter from Annie Londonderry’s Granddaughter”) and a new story from me to bring us full circle.

Thanks to the Ontario Arts Council Touring Program for supporting this tour!  I could change my name to Evalyn Ontarioartscouncil…but it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as “Londonderry”.

post-show chat at Harbourfront 2012

4 comments on “SPIN on tour in Ontario”

  1. evalyn says:

    Hi Wendy! Sorry for a slow reply to your inquiry. The newest song in the show is “A letter from Annie Londonderry’s Granddaughter”, which is the song you’re referring to, and the quote is “They say not to give up on anything, one might miss the miracle”. I’ll be recording this song this winter, and will release it as a digital download – so if you’d like to be notified of when that is available (for free, for anyone who has bought the SPIN album!) I’ll add you to my email list. Thanks again for coming to the show, and for writing to tell me you enjoyed it, I love hearing from people.

  2. Wendy Norman says:

    Hello from Victoria! I was in Kingston for the show and really enjoyed it. There was a quote in one of your songs that my son and I found particularly profound but I don’t think it’s on the cd. Probably from the new song inspired by Annie Londonderries’ grandaughter’s letter. Something about “don’t give up on anything, you might miss the miracle”. Is that song available too? Really great that you sell the cds at the show – prolongs the enjoyment and doubles the fun! Thanks!

  3. evalyn says:

    Hi Paul, so glad you enjoyed the CD, and hope you can make it to show! Stay and say hello afterwards, always great to meet my fellow two-wheel enthusiasts. Thanks for writing!

  4. Paul says:

    Great music and story telling. I joined a biking group this past year and truly enjoyed spinning on 2 wheels using my own power. I enjoyed the walk back into history (or herstory) while listening to the tracks. I will definitely try to get to see the show!

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