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SPIN returns to Toronto

After 3 years of touring the continent, SPIN returns to Toronto for a one-week engagement at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, it’s true!   Nov 19-24, 2014.  On the main stage at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre.

People of Toronto!  If you missed the show last time, now is your chance.  But even if you saw it before, there are some pretty fun reasons to check it out again….

This production features brand new musical arrangements for string trio by composer Michael Holt. Brad will of course still be rocking the bicycle, with me on guitar PLUS our glorious new string trio featuring the amazing Don Kerr, Kathleen Kajioka and Anne Lindsay.   It’s going to be EPIC.  The arrangements are fresh and dramatic and gorgeous and add a whole new dimension to the show….plus, of course, the ending is quite different from when we premiered in Toronto 3 years ago, as certain things have happened to impact the show and bring it full circle….

GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!!!   I can’t wait to share the show – with it’s fancy new musical clothes – with you!
If you order tx in advance (any time before Nov 19th) you can get tickets for $25, which is one of the best deals in town.   Order on line here, or call the box office  at 416-975-8555.

1 comment on “SPIN returns to Toronto”

  1. Doug Robertson says:

    Hi Evalyn,
    Was driving home from a Christmas sale tonite Nov 22 2014 and caught, sadly, only a scant few minutes of your interview on CBC radio about SPIN. Googled you and found your website. Fascinating idea. Never knew there was a woman or a man who cycled around the world. Figures there would be a male challenge for dominance in the cycling prowess. I love bikes.
    I am a member of the Canadian ski patrol and cycled lots as first aid responder this summer; Ride to Conquer Cancer, Becel Ride for Heart, Toronto Marathon etc. I love my bikes; road and mountain.
    I also love pottery, and have put bikes into pottery; cups, bowls, tea lights…mountain, road and even Penny Farthing. Did Annie ride a Penny Farthing?
    So I felt a connection and interest in you and your show. Perhaps you’d like a bike in pottery. Perhaps I could make something for you to promote your show. Heck, I even used to write and direct musical theater and ran my own advertising jingle house. So Annie advertised on her bike and clothing? Inventive. And new mayor and biking?……let us see what he does.
    For pictures of my pottery;
    Hope to hear from you,

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